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Save Us, Unity3D remake

I’m currently in the process of converting my old competition game to a full 3D browser game using Unity3D.

Checking if importing in unity is easy(It is) and trying out some basic behavior for the sheep things(Walk to a random point, when you get there: Choose a new point. Obstacle? Choose a new a point). And yes, I’m well aware of the fact that they are extremely creepy.

Adding the player(Robot thing) and setting up the top-down camera with look. I read that you can use curves, specifically AnimationCurve, as a public variable in Unity and Unity will provide a curve editor! I used this to make a hover effect for the robot by changing the y-position with a smooth curve thereby making it bob. I read it from this post from SauropodStudio(Looking forward to Castle Story).

Attached two lights to the robot(Second one at the feet for hover effect) and updated floor texture. Also, notice how much the shadows add to making it look like the sheep are more grounded, and not just added to the background. It’s just a 2 polygon square, 0.01 units above the ground, with a black gradient circle texture:

Re-did the sheep things, or rather, I spent a huge amount of time merging and welding polygons from the old sheep(From the first Save Us game) to make a new sheep with a single textured and rigged surface. Since they were only gonna be rendered to a sprite, the old sheep consisted of hundreds of high polygon spheres, I had to degrade the quality a lot for performance. They are less frightening but jaggy, but I fixed that in the next picture using some phong shading(Bascially checking a box in Unity).

Added trees, sadly not my own generated ones, since it was quicker to just create a new one with splines rather than writing an export function for my tree generator(Well, probably not). I should just port the tree generator to Unity since they’re both C#! Great idea me 😀

Clever title here(Site facelift)

So, after about a year(Just paid my yearly bills for the domain name and web hosting) I decided to replace the guts of my site(New design by my beautiful girlfriend).

The site had mainly become my weird obsession with observing spam comments. I coded this anti spam script, which would compare the content of a comment with a list of banned words; if a word in your comment is banned, the comment will not be submitted. I would check in regularly to see if any words had gained traction or if there were new words to ban, but not really much else.

This was what I retrieved from the database before I pulled down my old code, sorted by # times caught(I accidentally the whole table at some point, so the words have been caught more times than stated, especially viagra):

Word # times caught Last catch
chanel 25 14-01-2013 01:33
payday 13 15-01-2013 09:26
viagra 13 17-01-2013 00:36
cialis 7 12-12-2012 15:24
louis vuitton 5 12-01-2013 23:08
levitra 4 12-12-2012 09:32
ex back 3 07-12-2012 12:36
ceftin 3 22-11-2012 22:42
propecia 3 07-11-2012 05:55
northface 2 11-11-2012 08:04
escort 2 06-11-2012 00:13
girlgetsring 1 17-11-2012 10:47
anti wrinkle 1 07-11-2012 15:30
http://ggrsite.com 1 11-11-2012 10:25
amoxil 1 07-01-2013 14:21
nolvadex 1 11-01-2013 02:55
gucci 1 15-01-2013 20:43
zoloft 1 15-01-2013 20:43
http://www.rmtest.com 1 15-01-2013 20:44
http://cufikiro.hotbox.ru 1 02-11-2012 17:36
zithromax 1 01-11-2012 09:36
arthritis 1 29-10-2012 12:17

I wasn’t using the site for anything productive. I wrote the site from scratch in about one week after just one week of having first tried PHP. The admin interface I implemented was rubbish, I didn’t put any effort in to it; it was just a means to an end. Adding new content was a pain in the ass, so I couldn’t force myself to do it.

I like doing things myself, reinventing the wheel, because I believe it’s the best way to learn. But having a site I never update because it’s difficult is just stupid. So I gave up and installed WordPress. I had everything up and running in about 2 hours! Hopefully now I can start writing more.

Here’s some highlights of the old site:


My beautiful, somewhat large, header.


I had a custom game overview site. WordPress is all about blogging, so there’s not really any easy way to add a game portfolio with download links, status, etc. But I can have categories and just pretend that a regular blog post is a game showcase.


This is my own image scroller thing, written in javascript. I really fucking hate writing javascript, but I love the opportunities it opens up for making dynamic content on websites. Here’s a link to the code.

Well that’s about it. I really hope to be posting more about what I do and think in the future. In fact, even though it’s late and fucking dumb, it will be my new year’s resolution!